signs of a good father and daughter relationship
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If you have a daughter who is daddy’s little girl, your husband is doing something right. Though it might seem only natural for a daughter to feel protected and loved by her dad, who in turn feels respected and needed, the relationship between father and daughter can often be challenging. 

Your husband is a grown-up man, who might already have a difficult time understanding you—or women in general. On top of that, dealing with a moody and sentimental little girl can pose a big hurdle to building a solid bond. At least with sons, there are defined physical characteristics he can relate to, and it is easier for him to be a role model to a little boy—just doing what he is good at.

Studies show that the father’s role has especially significant effects on a daughter’s development in the long term, for some or all of the reasons explored below.

Why is a father’s role particularly important to daughters?

1. Higher chance to excel in academic and overall performance

Having a strong male figure in the household, your daughter can seek advice and feel secure in his presence, which will affect her positively in many ways. Studies show that girls who have a close relationship with their fathers tend to excel academically and in other areas of their lives. The boundaries and security coming from her father’s presence and the bond they share lays a safe and sturdy foundation for the daughter’s overall well-being. 

2. She can build a positive ideal image of a man

A daughter can benefit immensely from an ideal image of a man based on a loving and respectful relationship with her father. When she grows up being treated fairly and lovingly by her father, she will be quicker to raise a red flag when signs of foul manners or mistreatment occur in her romantic relationships.

3. Healthier body image and a lower chance to seek attention from male figures by taking risks

When a daughter feels approved and loved by her father, she can maintain a healthier body image, which helps maintain a healthy perception of her appearance. Also, she is less likely to seek attention from male figures outside the home which could put her into unsafe situations, or get her involved with the wrong types of men.  

4. Build a stronger sense of self-importance and self-esteem

Studies show that the absence of a father in a girl’s life raises the risk of exposure to early sexual activity, teen pregnancy, and lower self-esteem. By maintaining a healthy relationship with her father, she can develop robust self-esteem and a sense of self-importance.

5. Develop a healthy image of marriage

When a daughter observes her father’s role in the family and in his marriage, his manner and relationship with other family members can set a good example of what to expect from a husband figure later on in her life.

father and daughter realtionship

What are the signs of a good father-daughter relationship?

1. Your daughter can feel comforted by her father when she is upset

If your daughter is scared or upset and seeks her father’s comfort, whether running toward him or calling for him or, in the case of older kids, reaching out to him by text message or a phone call, this is a great sign that your daughter has a great relationship with her father. On the other hand, if your daughter never seeks her father when she is distressed and refuses to speak to him in general, the relationship might need to be re-examined.

2. Your daughter can initiate a conversation with him

As simple a thing as it might sound to do, if there is an emotional barrier or distance, it is hard for your daughter to not only initiate a conversation with her father, but also sustain it, or in the worst of cases, even to answer simple questions. The conversation manner can easily signal barriers in the relationship since it is a fundamental formula for any great relationship.

3. Your daughter wants to marry her daddy or find a man like him

When your young daughter wants to marry her daddy someday, that is a strong indication that her daddy is winning her heart. While it is easy to dismiss children’s honest but silly statements without putting much thought into it, such a simple comment can tell us so much. Only a girl that truly appreciates her father’s presence will say she wants to marry him when she grows up.

If a daughter feels able to express who she is, and even voice her disappointment and upset feelings towards her father, it can be a sign that she feels unconditional love from him.

4. She does not have to try hard to please her father 

Being vulnerable and showing flaws requires a comfortable level of trust and reassurance. If a daughter feels able to express who she is, and even voice her disappointment and upset feelings towards her father, it can be a sign that she feels unconditional love from him. When a child can relax with a parent, without trying hard to please or “fake it” to get praise, it is a sure sign of a healthy relationship.

5. She seeks her daddy’s advice

When your daughter weighs her father’s words and seeks his opinion, it shows there is underlying respect. Being a good provider is one thing, but earning respect is another level of fatherhood which indicates strong trust and agreement between father and child. 

6. He learns how to tie and braid her hair 

If you catch your husband watching and rewinding videos to learn how to braid his daughter’s hair, it shows he is willing to go to great lengths to please his daughter—to the point of venturing into alien territory. If he can learn how to braid hair, there are bound to be many more ways he is willing to go the extra mile for his daughter, out of love and care. 

7. He gets as excited as she does when he spots her favourite characters or toys

Nothing could be more adorable than a father who gets more excited about his daughter’s favourite things than she does. It means he is investing enough time in communicating with his daughter, in an effort to know her ever-changing interests and favourite things—to the point of being an extra set of eyes on the lookout for them. 

He must be not only an affectionate parent, but also a close confidant to your daughter.

8. However big and strong he might be, he becomes a soft-spoken fluffy bear to his daughter

A grownup man with physical size and strength can be threatening to little kids. A father who acts gently and softly around his daughter, taking care to not to frighten her, shows a willingness to diminish his masculinity in order to approach his daughter more closely and more easily. Having a father who is soft-spoken and gentle-mannered can relax his daughter while strengthening her sense of security around him.

some father daughter activites

What are some father-daughter activities that can help them build a stronger bond?

1. Dance

Dancing with her father on her wedding day can be one of the most special moments in a woman’s life, but learning to dance with her daddy as a little girl can be even more special. Dancing can be one of the best activities a father can share with his daughter, benefitting both through physical closeness, gentle movement, and beautiful music, increasing the bond between them.

2. Tea party

A father who initiates a tea party shows his daughter he is gentle enough to handle delicate china, and comfortable enough to show his more delicate side and carry a gentle conversation. Doing something his daughter enjoys but might never have thought to involve him in can be a great way for a father to tighten their relationship, and show her that spending time with her father can be as simple and easy as doing something she likes, with him. It shows his flexibility and willingness to spend time with his daughter, and she will notice.

3. Hair brushing and styling

Starting the day by having her hair tied by her father’s hand will deliver so much warmth to a daughter’s heart. By asking her which type of hairstyle is her favourite, even if it is not a style that is easy to do, and trying to learn it, he gets to show off a skill he has learned just for her. Mastering his daughter’s favorite hairstyle will earn him the Best Father Ever title for a long time.

4. Cooperative arts and crafts or cooking

Creating something together with her father will give a daughter an experience to savour for a long time. Letting his daughter take the lead as he assists, she will feel empowered by finishing on her own, which can boost her confidence and give her long-lasting satisfaction. The experience of accomplishing something together with her daddy will always make her associate the rush of success with her father.

5. Sharing stories about her father’s childhood

It might not be easy for a little girl to picture a big man, her daddy, as a small boy, who once made silly mistakes and found his fair share of trouble. Sharing childhood stories that she can relate to offers a chance for a father and daughter to grow closer and understand one another better. She will appreciate his honesty and find him more relatable, hearing the story of the young boy her father once was.

6. Physical strength test

This game is generally more suitable for younger children, but basically, as long as a father can support the weight of his daughter safely, game on. 

All dad has to do is let his daughter relax and fall backward, with the promise that he will catch her no matter what. Feeling her father catch her safely in his arms can build her sense of trust, while dad gets a little workout. Other simple ideas are giving his daughter a piggyback or shoulder ride, or gently tossing her in the air and catching her. All that is required is trust and the physical strength difference between the two, but your daughter can build so much trust and physical bonding with her father as a result.

7. Bedtime routine

One of the memories your daughter can cherish all her life would be a bedtime story with her father as she falls asleep safe and sound. Helping his daughter to wind down with a daily bedtime routine is one surefire way to strengthen their relationship. Cuddling with his daughter and reading one of his own childhood favorites can also make it fun, seeing her reaction to the stories he grew up with. 


In summary, a father’s role and relationship with his daughter are crucial for her development and happiness throughout her lifetime. By having a close bond with her father, a daughter tends to excel at school and has stronger self-esteem, as well as healthy ideas about marriage and her ideal man in a romantic relationship. There are so many ways to improve the relationship between father and daughter, but doing something she might not expect is bound to earn her appreciation. To gain the key to her heart, a father should learn to pay attention to what her favourites are. Storytime and physical activities together with her dad will build memories that will last a little girl a lifetime.

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