Welcome to Balance in Wonderland!  

Hi! I’m Lauren.

If you’re a busy and tired mom, struggling with limited time and help, wishing to fulfill your personal goals while being a mom, this is the right place for you.

This is a place full of tips and hacks for parenting, marriage and family relationship advice, and most importantly, stress control methods for moms.

With the arrival of my first child, I was overwhelmed with the challenges of being a first-time mom. I found myself spending hours on end researching baby care tips and parenting advice to satisfy my type A personality, which exhausted me daily. I often wished there was a resource I could really trust, where I could learn about other moms’ trials and errors and benefit from their experience. More often than not, the typical textbook-style advice – written like a doctor’s recommendations – did not work in my household. I sought a place where I could relate to other moms’ struggles. That’s when the idea of Balance in Wonderland was born.


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