Amelia Bedelia book review
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What does your child do when he or she wants a new bicycle? Amelia Bedelia’s parents suggest she get a job to earn money. But what if she isn’t good at anything? Well, she has to learn. What if she wants to have a dog? They suggest spending time with dogs by dog sitting. The Amelia Bedelia series are the perfect books to teach your schoolers and pre-teens about responsibility and hard work while exploring the multiple interpretations of idioms along the way.

Book title: Amelia Bedelia Means Business & Amelia Bedelia Unleashed

Author: Peggy Parish

Illustrator: Lynne Avril

Publisher: Greenwillow Books (Harper Collins)

Recommended ages: 6-10

Length: 143-149 pages

Story: Amelia Bedelia wants a new bike, just like her friend Suzanne’s. Amelia Bedelia’s mom says that a bike like that will cost an arm and a leg. She would surely never give up her arm or leg for that. To get a new bike she needs a job. Will she manage to handle a real job where she can earn money? Whatever Amelia Bedelia sets out to do, she means business.

Illustrations: Expressive, simple gouache and pencil illustrations add extra fun to each chapter.

Read aloud: You will find yourself reading Amelia Bedelia’s name bazillions of times—but luckily, she’s got a name you won’t mind repeating. Maybe. 

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