Book Review: The Cat’s Pajamas
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The Cat’s Pajamas—the best book for teaching kids about idioms

How do your kids take idioms? They can be difficult to grasp at a young age, but when your kids start to come across them, they might have mixed reactions as to whether they make any sense or not. 

The Cat’s Pajamas is the perfect book to introduce your kids to idioms and help them understand the meaning behind each expression. 

The memorable images will keep your kids engaged and help them remember the idioms more easily. 

Book title: The Cat’s Pajamas

Author: Wallace Edwards

Illustrator: Wallace Edwards

Publisher: Kids Can Press

Recommended ages: 6-9

Length: 32 pages


“Princess knew that when everything comes together just so, it’s truly the cat’s pajamas.” Each page uses a striking, colorful illustration to play on the apparent literal meaning of an idiom, accompanied by a short sentence demonstrating the typical use of the expression in a sentence. A glossary at the end of the book explains the intended meanings of all of the phrases.


 Memorable, beautifully detailed illustrations describe each idiom through surreal, dream-like wordplay, making the meaning of the idioms easier to remember. 

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