Tous les soirs du monde: kids' book review
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Tous les soirs du monde—an enchanting bedtime story for children 

If your child struggles to get to sleep and you’re looking for a book that will work both as a bedtime story and as a magic spell to help them sleep, this book is for you. In Tous les soirs du monde, we follow Simon and his father’s nighttime ritual, which helps Simon imagine endless moonlit processions of all the world’s creatures, heading off to bed. 

Book title:Tous les soirs du monde (Every Single Night)

Author: Dominique Demers

Illustrator: Nicolas Debon

Publisher: Gallimard

Recommended ages: 6-8

Length: 32 pages


Every night Simon struggles to fall asleep. But his father has a special ritual that will send Simon to dreamland without fail. 


Endless animals from all the different regions of the Earth are beautifully illustrated in a vibrant impasto style.

Read aloud:

The rhythmic list of animals from different habitats strikes a perfect cadence for enchanting your little ones into a deep sleep.

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