Book Review: Trois Petits Animaux
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Trois Petits Animaux—a story about staying true to yourself

Acting as though you are someone else will not make you something you’re not. If you want to explore the concept of being true to oneself with your kids, try Trois Petits Animaux.

This book follows three little animal creatures who decided to explore the human world by dressing like people—but things don’t quite go as they had hoped. A strong message for young children about why it’s important to be true to oneself. 

Book title: Trois Petits Animaux

Author: Margaret Wise Brown

Illustrator: Garth Williams

Translator : Olga Kent

Publisher: MeMo (from original English publication by Harper & Row)

Recommended ages: 3-6

Length: 32 pages


Three little animals set out to explore the human world. Two of them dress up in people’s clothes and go on an adventure. The last one, having no clothes, makes an outfit from the resources of the forest. Arriving in town, he doesn’t recognize his friends. Everyone is dressed and wearing a hat. Will they lose their identity as animals by dressing like humans?

Read aloud:

Easy vocabulary and repetitive phrasing make the story easy for even young readers to read aloud. 

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