Easter scavenger hunt clues
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The Easter bunny is a welcome guest after Santa has come and gone. 

In our household, the scavenger hunt is something the whole family looks forward to every year. 

Once your kids are old enough, instead of handing them a basket so they can gather eggs placed in plain sight, why not make your scavenger hunt more exciting by making the eggs a little harder to find and adding some fun clues? You can help younger children read the clues, or if they have older siblings they can solve the clues together. 

If you are looking for some ideas for scavenger hunt clues to give your kids an extra challenge this Easter, here are some fun clues you can print out for free.

Remember to choose clues that are age-appropriate to tailor the difficulty level to your kids’ ages and skill levels. 

Also, here are some extra clues you can incorporate to create your own family Easter Scavenger Hunt clues. 

Easter scavenger hunt clues for kids

  • “Where you rest your head to sleep, you can find a special treat.” (Solution: under the pillow)
  • “In the place you keep your books, a treat is hiding there, behind the story of a girl who meets a family of bears.” (Solution: Goldilocks and the Three Bears)
  • “Under a thing that floats, where you wash your feet and hair, search carefully and then you’ll find a treasure hidden there.” (Solution: under a bath toy)
  • “Where bunny’s favorite food is kept inside a chilly drawer, this treat is hiding, hard to see, underneath the door.” (Solution: under the fridge door)
  • “Behind a screen that’s flat and black (unless it’s brightly lit), a treat is hiding out of sight, in front of where you sit.” (Solution: behind the TV screen)
  • “Where fingers tap out music on a row of many keys, a secret Easter treasure hides behind page twenty-three.” (Solution: between the pages of the piano songbook)
  • “Where green leaves grow inside your house, this treat hidden like a mouse” (Solution: behind the plant pot)
  • “Where you hang your favorite coat, hidden where no one sees, a treasure is waiting in a place for carrying coins and keys.” (Solution: a coat pocket)
  • “Where a bunny would find the coolest shade in the yard to take a seat, a box is hidden safe and sound that holds a secret treat.” (Solution: beneath the biggest tree)
  • “At the glass where you might look to see the rising sun, a treat is waiting on a shelf to start your Easter fun.” (Solution: on a shelf near an east or north-facing window)
  • “Where Easter bunnies and squirrels play, a treat waits to be found today.” (Solution: a backyard or park)
  • “Where your socks are folded—neat, a box contains an Easter treat.” (Solution: a box inside a sock drawer)
  • “Under where you sit to eat, behind a leg, there is a treat.” (Solution: behind a kitchen chair leg)
  • “Behind the pot of dirt where springtime makes the flowers bloom, a secret treasure lies in wait inside the living room.” (Solution: behind a flower pot in the living room)
  • “Where you keep your building blocks, a treasure hides inside a box.” (Solution: inside a special box hidden in the toy box)
easter scavenger hunt clues printable

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