free printable Father's Day kids' activity
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Father’s day is almost here! 

If you are looking for fun family activities for the day, here are some ideas for you to consider.

Father’s Day family fun activity with kids

  1. Car wash

Kids, in general, love bubbles—and cars! And a clean car for daddy is always a bonus. Car washing can be a win-win, fun activity for the whole family on Father’s Day. What better way to spend a hot summer’s day than letting the kids play with bubbles and water—and daddy gets a clean car to drive!


  1. Roadmap T-shirt massage

All you need is one of Daddy’s plain white T-shirts, a Sharpie, and some toy cars for this activity. Draw a fun road map on the back of the T-shirt for the toy cars to drive around on. Once it’s ready, daddy wears the shirt and lays on his tummy to relax, and receive an awesome massage. Apart from the potential drawback of cars bouncing and crashing, which might hinder any attempts at a peaceful nap, it is a great way to let daddy rest while the kids have some fun.

  1. Bake cookies for daddy

Let your kids get creative making daddy-shaped cookies (or whatever shapes they think Daddy might like) and then decorate them with icing and sprinkles. This will make a nice, sweet treat for daddy to have with his afternoon coffee.

  1. Watch Daddy’s favourite childhood movie

In the evening, pick one of Daddy’s favourite childhood movies to watch with your children. Let them know what daddy’s favourite part of the movie was, and see whether your kids can spot the moment and share their own favourite moments. It will be a good way for dads & kids to build memories together, as well as add to the list of movies that Daddy and kids can relate to.

  1. Family game night

Pick a game that the whole family can participate in. The choices can be endless, from board games to Pin the Tail On the Donkey, or speed quizzes. It can be a fun activity to enjoy with dessert at the end of Father’s day, to fill the house with even more laughter.

  1. Backyard grill time

If Daddy is a big steak or grilled food lover, warm up the grill. It might be nice to invite over multiple generations to celebrate Father’s Day together over a grill and a beer. Let your little ones be part of the fun by providing balloons, coloured paper, and bows to decorate the yard for the occasion.

  1. Family photo puzzle 

Select one of Daddy’s favourite family pictures and have it turned into a puzzle. Although it requires a little planning ahead to request the service, compared to the time and cost you put in, the joy and meaningfulness can be well worth it. Daddy and kids putting the puzzle together piece by piece from beginning to end can bring the memory of the picture back, as well as create a long-lasting souvenir in the end.


Free printable Father’s Day message cards and tie colouring activities for kids

If you are looking for some simple but fun activities to occupy your little ones and prepare for Father’s Day, check out the colouring activities below to create message cards and ties for Daddy.

What better way for Daddy to start the day than with a cute gift from your child, to go with a warm breakfast and a cup of coffee.

Surprise Daddy by putting one of the message cards on his desk, or hanging one from the rearview mirror of his car, and put a smile on his face.

To create a longer-lasting memory, cut out your child’s finished work and laminate them, adding a cute ribbon and bow. 

Happy Father’s Day!

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Father's Day kids' activity free printable
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