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I know what you might be thinking—oh, here we go, another book about Goldilocks. To be honest, we probably have about four or five different versions of the Goldilocks story in our home. 

But this version, written and beautifully illustrated by Ruth Sanderson, has a unique little twist at the end that I found sets it apart. 

Instead of showing Goldilocks escaping responsibility for unlawfully entering someone else’s house and helping themselves to whatever they find while unapologetically destroying property, this book’s ending is much more constructive and kind. 

Book title: Goldilocks

Author: Ruth Sanderson

Illustrator: Ruth Sanderson

Publisher: Crocodile Books

Recommended ages: 2-5

Length: 32 pages

Unique features: Unexpected ending, better than the original.

Story: Goldilocks is lost in the forest, tired and hungry. But luckily she finds a small cabin. What might happen if Goldilocks crosses over the threshold uninvited? What will really surprise you comes near the end, when scared Goldilock sees how upset the baby bear is. 

Illustrations: Breathtaking illustrations in graphite and oil take your kids on an intricately detailed journey to the cabin in the forest, vividly portraying the emotions of the characters. 

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