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There are many ways to help your children develop their fine motor skills. Personally, I’m a big fan of tracing activities, for a few reasons. 

Tracing shapes and lines can prepare your child for writing letters later on by getting them used to drawing curves and straight lines. While maneuvering their hands to trace lines, kids gain familiarity with all the shapes and curves required for writing the alphabet. 

Tracing activities yield so many educational benefits that are crucial during early childhood development.

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The benefit of tracing activities

1. Visual-spatial perception

Tracing can help develop spatial perception that helps your child organize visual information and understand meaningful patterns.

2. Fine motor skill

Fine motor skill is closely related to cognitive development, which will benefit language and academic learning as well as overall behavior.

3. Hand-eye coordination

Tracing lines accurately requires hand-eye coordination that will benefit your child’s other daily tasks such as getting dressed, eating, and brushing their teeth.  

4. Handwriting skill

Tracing strengthens handwriting by helping children get accustomed to the shapes in letters and build muscle memory. 

Here are 5 free printable tracing pages to help your children learn about shapes and lines. 

tracing printable
kids tracing printable

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