kids room wall deco free printables
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When you decorate your children’s room what do you consider the most?

For me, the one thing I put a lot of thought and time into is wall decor. I want to display images that capture my kids’ interest as well as their curiosity. Moreover, art that is soothing to little eyes, without standing out too much from the overall decor of the room, is a bonus. 

Here are 6 kids-friendly, simple black-and-white wall art images that you can choose from to freshen up your kids’ room. 

kids room free printable wall art

This wall art is ready to print and fits on 8.5 x 11 inch printer paper, small enough to fit almost anywhere, without taking up too much wall space. Choose whichever pieces best match your child’s interests, and pair with your existing decor to express his or her spirit.

kids room free printable wall art

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