La très bonne idée de Bébé Souris book review
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If you are looking for a French children’s book that is written in simple sentences telling a fun story that will hold your children’s interest and is easy to understand, I recommend La très bonne idée de Bébé Souris, a well-translated version of Diana Hendry’s “The Very Busy Day”.

The story introduces a little mouse and his dad in the garden one summer day, featuring beautiful and whimsical illustrations. Follow along as Papa Mouse tries to figure out why Baby Mouse cannot help him, apparently deep in thought about something very important.

Book title: La très bonne idée de Bébé Souris

Original Title: The Very Busy Day

Author: Diana Hendry

Illustrator: Jane Chapman

Publisher: Majade

Recommended ages: 3-6

Page numbers: 24


On a hot summer day, a father mouse works hard in the garden and asks for help from his son, who is too busy with his thoughts. As the daddy mouse continues to work hard, he keeps nudging his son to help him but the little mouse refuses, still occupied by his thoughts. While the daddy mouse works, the little mouse starts to gather materials for something. What is he making?. A heart-warming tale with a satisfying end and colourful, fun illustrations will hold your little ones’ attention the whole time.


Jane Chapman has created beautiful illustrations for this book that will capture little ones’ hearts. Peeking into the lives of the little mouse and his family reveals recognizable household objects that the mice use for totally different purposes, such as a drain plug as a swing, a fork as a pitchfork, a pencil as a laundry pole, and a paperclip as a clothespin. The colourful, fun and realistically proportioned images will be very entertaining for children and adults alike.

Read aloud:

There is just the right amount of repetition for your child to understand and grasp the rhythm of the story, and the short sentences are easy to read aloud.

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