New Year's hat craft
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What do you do to celebrate the new year with your children? New Year’s party hat crafting can be a fun tradition to start with your children. 

As each family member shares their goals and wishes for the new year, color and decorate the new year’s party hat to add some fun to the celebration.

New Year’s party hat crafting can become a meaningful and fun activity to enjoy with your children during the New Years’ holiday. 

Set goals for the new year with your children 

Model how to set goals for young children to usher in the New Year. Teach them how to work towards goals until they accomplish them. 

According to an 11-year study on Goal setting and task performance by the American Psychological Association, setting challenging goals with a detailed blueprint of the path to get to the finish line will increase the chances of success in reaching the goal. 

So, showing your child how to set goals teaches them a valuable life skill. For this fun project, give simple examples like, “walk at least 20 minutes every day”, “one snack a day”, or “eat at least one salad a day”. 

New Year’s party hat—crafting activity for the whole family

With your loved ones gathered together on New Year’s Eve, creating personalized hats with each person’s goals written on them is a great way to start a conversation about the upcoming year. Share your ups and downs of the past year while talking about new challenges and exciting projects for each family member. 


Free Printable: New Year’s Party Hat Craft

Here are 7 pages of free New Year’s party hat printables. 4 are for younger children to color and decorate, while the other 3 are for older children and adults to write out New Year’s goals and decorate. 

You can also add a tassel or pom-pom to the top of the hat to make it even more festive!


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