One Rainy Day children's book review
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If one of your favorite rainy day activities with your kids is reading, I recommend One Rainy Day for your next rainy day’s reading time. 

The cushioned cover is perfect for little hands, and the beautiful touch-and-feel, embossed illustrations are a bonus for young children. The story is adventurous and heartwarming with a strong message—helping others through an ordeal not only makes you feel good but makes others grateful and happy.

Book title: One Rainy Day

Author: M Christina Butler

Illustrator: Tina Macnaughton

Publisher: Little Tiger Press

Recommended ages: 2-6

Pages: 16 pp

Unique features:

A sturdy board book with a padded cover and embossed texture on the rain hat, boots, coat and umbrella within the illustrations provides extra sensory stimulation.  


Little Hedgehog wakes up excited on a rainy day because he gets to try out his new raincoat, hat, boots, and umbrella. But, as soon as he steps outside and opens his new umbrella, he meets animals who need help and he goes to their rescue. At the end of the day, Little Hedgehog looks back on his rainy adventures over hot cocoa with his friends.


The shiny, touch-and-feel illustrations add extra fun for young children. The colorful, cute, but still vividly realistic images of characters adventuring in the rainy scenery will capture your little one’s imagination.

Read aloud:

Cute onomatopoeias and dialogue make the read-aloud experience fun and soothing. 

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