Room on the Broom children's book review
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If you find yourself combing through the endless choices of children’s books out there and having a hard time finding one that will grab your child’s interest, then check out this easy-to-read book, full of fun characters: Room on the Broom.

This simple story recounts the adventurous journeys of a witch and her cat, who meet other animals along the way that offer them help. Room on the Broom is a fun and exciting book with a strong message for your children, about how helping and cooperating with others will bring more happiness and make them stronger.

Book Title: Room on the Broom

Author: Julia Donaldson

Illustrator: Axel Scheffler

Publisher: Puffin Books

Recommended ages: 3-7 

Pages:  32pp


As the witch is travelling on her broom with her cat over forests, rivers and mountains, a strong wind blows off her hat, then her bow, and eventually she drops her wand, and each of the lost items is retrieved by helpful animals who ask only to join her on the broom. Sadly, the broom snaps under the heavy load. As all of her passengers fall to the swamp below, a vicious dragon lurking in the clouds sets its sights on the witch for its next meal. How will the witch and her friends escape the imminent danger of the dragon and get free of the swamp? Dive into this thrilling tale with your little ones to find out!


Colourful, detailed illustrations full of expressive characters will capture your children’s attention and kindle their imaginations. Whether you want to cheer up a gloomy day or settle them down for bedtime, this amusing and whimsical story is guaranteed to soothe without overstimulating.

Read aloud:

The repetition and rhythmic, rhyming couplets make the reading experience more fun and pleasant, encouraging children to chime in with their favourite parts.

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