The Darkest Dark kids' book review
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The Darkest Dark is one of my favourite books among the countless children’s books out there, because this book contains all the essential ingredients that I look for when I choose books for my children. One, the story is relatable. Two, it’s whimsical with a touch of humor. Three, it brings to life a child’s wild, imaginary world.

The book was already irresistible to me for all of the above reasons, but on top of that, it has the additional merit of dealing with historical facts and portraying the look and feel of a bygone era, which offers up a chance to discuss historical events with your little ones.

This sneak peek at an actual astronaut’s childhood, his ordinary roots and how his little dream comes true after he witnesses a historical moment definitely stands out among other books.

Title: The Darkest Dark

Author: Astronaut Chris Hadfield

Illustrators: The Fan Brothers

Recommended age: 3-7 years

Pages: 48


A little boy named Chris, who is a self-proclaimed astronaut, has a problem. He’s really afraid of the dark. The darkness attracts aliens, and they all lurk around his room and sneak through the house at night, which is terrifying. But his tired parents give him an ultimatum – sleep in his own room or they’ll all be too tired for the big day tomorrow. What is that special event going to be? What little Chris is about to witness will not only help him see the dark in a new way, it will set him on the path to becoming a real astronaut.


Through beautifully drawn images, the illustrators capture nighttime seen through a child’s fearful eyes, his imaginary dream world, a realistic portrayal of a historical moment, and the magnificence of space, full of stars. 

Unique Feature: The book has a glow-in-the-dark cover that will boost your child’s morale and make even the darkest night more fun.

If you want to explore a story about an ordinary child who has fears just like everyone, but eventually follows his dream to become someone remarkable, I recommend The Darkest Dark.

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