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How can parents help their children become big readers? The answer is surprisingly simple. Help them fall in love with stories.

We, as humans, are naturally pulled into stories as they play to our consciousness and emotions. Provide your little ones with a story that tugs their emotions and curiosity, and you will see the love of books growing from the looks on their faces. 

Here is one book that will capture your little one’s heart without fail:

Book title: Is That You, Wolf?

Illustrator: Steve Cox

Publisher: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc

Recommended ages: 3-6

Page numbers: 20

Unique features:

Brave challenge! Each section of the story dares your little one to insert their hand into a mysterious pocket to feel each texture and guess what is hiding inside.


Kids follow Brave Little Piglet around the farm in search of the big, bad wolf, whom he believes is lurking about to take the new lamb. Visiting different parts of the farm, kids meet the different animals and are challenged to find out whether the wolf is hiding there or not. 

Fun and spooky, exciting and intriguing, this book will squeeze out a lot of giggles and squeals from your little readers, until the last page with its unexpected pop-up surprise. This will most certainly be one of the more memorable books of your little one’s childhood, that will plant fun and excitement in your child’s heart and spark a love for books. 


Colorful, bold images with a variety of animals and farm and nature scenes that capture children’s eyes to hold their interest throughout the story.

Read aloud:

One to two sentences on each page with enough repetition for little kids to easily understand and follow the story, and perfect for parents to read aloud. 

“Is That You, Wolf?” is easy to read and lots of fun—a fail-proof book to make bedtime reading much more fun, and bound to encourage your child to become a little book lover. 

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