Tidy—kids' book review
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What happens when we get so carried away tidying up the messy fallen leaves, that we wipe out the forest?

Tidy is the perfect book to teach kids that trying too hard to improve upon nature can destroy our environment. Extreme cleanliness, even with the best intentions, can lead to unexpected outcomes. Nature doesn’t always need improvement—some things are better left undisturbed. 

Book title: Tidy

Author: Emily Gravett

Illustrator: Emily Gravett

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Recommended ages: 4-8

Length: 40 pages

Unique features: Cut-outs on the cover and first pages provide a peek through the trees at Pete the badger, busily tidying up. 

Story: Pete the badger likes to tidy everything. But it never seems to be enough, no matter how hard he tries. Finally, he finds a way to get rid of all the nuisances around him, once and for all. The result is not what he was expecting, but quite the opposite. 

Illustrations: Fun and vivid illustrations capture the beauty of nature and highlight the absurdity of Pete’s compulsion to sanitize everything he sees. 

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