Penguin crafting for kids
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Are you looking for fun, cute, easy-to-make crafting ideas for your children this winter? Crafting is one of the best ways to enjoy time indoors while letting your little children create something meaningful with their own hands. 

Winter weather doesn’t always welcome your little children to venture outside, even after they are well bundled up. Some days your kids need a fun crafting idea to brighten up those snowy days inside the cozy warmth of home, while they fill their imaginary worlds with exciting adventures. 

Touch-and-Feel Penguin Crafting project

Here is a free printable Touch-and-Feel Penguin Crafting project which only needs a few simple and easy-to-find ingredients to make the project interesting. Help your child create a penguin with a variety of textured materials for sensory-rich fun. 

All you need are a cotton ball, duct tape, a flyer, old socks or fabric, white or hot glue, and scissors. 

free printable winter cfraft
Penguin crafting for kids
penguin crafting
Touch-and-Feel Textured Penguin

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