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When you feel lost, searching for a book that will last through many bedtime story sessions and still manage to capture the hearts of your little ones without boring them, I have a tip for you. Find a book with characters that resonate with your kids that contains a simple but strong message and exciting illustrations. 

Safe bets for characters that tend to capture kids’ hearts include animals and cars. Stories with animals and cars going through an adventure are an almost foolproof choice for storytime. 

Good Night, Little Blue Truck is one example that has a rhythmic tone and a clear message for your little ones, with exciting characters and fun, beautiful illustrations, that stands the test of time. If you are looking for a good bedtime story, this is one that will have you pleasantly surprised. 

Title: Good Night, Little Blue Truck 

Illustrator: Alice Schertle

Author: Jill McElmurry

Publisher: Clarion Books

Recommended ages: 4-7

Page numbers: 32

Unique features:

The animals are realistically proportioned but very relatable as they stand and gesture like people, and the little blue truck is lovably personified as their kind and trusted friend.


Little Blue Truck is caught in a storm and rushes home to his safe, cozy garage as terrified farm animals rush in, looking for shelter.

Soothed and comforted by Little Blue Truck, once the stormy weather clears away, the animals get to have an exciting bedtime ride back to their own beds, to be tucked in one by one, safe and sound.


Colorful and detailed illustrations with humorous depictions of humanized animals’ expressions and gestures capture little kids’ hearts. The nighttime countryside scenery contrasts the stormy weather with the bright, cozy garage, and the peaceful return under starry skies after the storm is soothing and poetic. 

Read aloud:

A fun, phonetic rhythm full of rhymes delivers a fun reading experience for parents and first-time readers. 

Good Night, Little Blue Truck is one of the easiest, most entertaining bedtime storybooks, bound to capture your little ones’ attention and create long-lasting memories with its engaging story of lovable farm animals overcoming their fears on a stormy, bedtime adventure with Little Blue Truck.

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