free printable kids crown antivity
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I’d like to share a fun activity you can do with your little ones involving coloring, scissor skills, and making up stories.

My children love pretending with costumes. They use capes, hats, make their own wands and more – children’s imaginations are endless.

Here are some crown designs that your children can pick and color to create wearable accessories for their make-believe.

Did you know pretending is not simply a fun pastime; there are many important benefits for children to gain from playing make-believe. 

Free printable crown activity

Benefits of Pretending for Children

Studies show that pretending allows children to explore with their imagination and creativity, as well as encourages them to be flexible. Also, make-believe supports social and emotional development by enabling children to learn how to express positive and negative emotions, while adopting manners appropriate to each role they play. Not only that, organizing the game and deciding which characters to include improves children’s communication skills and problem-solving abilities.

crown activity printable
kids crown activity printable

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