Grumpy Bird children's book review
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Whether you are just looking for a simple, fun picture book for your toddler, or hoping to teach them how to cure a bad mood, Grumpy Bird is a good choice.

Grumpy Bird is about how the other characters around this bad-mood bird see the fun and imaginative side of things and help him escape from his crabby mood.

Hop along on the journey when you have an irritable child, to break away from negative emotions and brighten their feelings.

Book title: Grumpy Bird

Author: Jeremy Tankard

Publisher: Scholastic Press

Recommended ages: 3-5

Pages: 30pp


Bird wakes up in a grumpy mood, and learns through the persistence of his friends that the best way to brighten his day is by being playful and imaginative. Once you start to focus on little joys, without you even noticing it, your bad mood will slip away.


The illustrations are a unique combination of photographic images, abstract textures, and cute illustrations, which brings the characters to life in a vibrant world as they go about their day. The colourful, flowery and starry scenery provides a magical backdrop for the simply drawn, irresistibly cute animal characters.

Read aloud:

With a perfect balance of repetition and dialogue, this story is fun and easy to read aloud.

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