Minecraft book for young kids review
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If you want to know the easiest way to raise your child to be a book-lover, here is the answer: find a book your child can fall in love with. 

Especially, if your child loves Minecraft, or is starting to develop an interest in the game, I suggest the Diary Of A Minecraft Zombie chapter book series as a great place to start for your child to fall in love with reading. 

Witnessing your child reading their first chapter book from beginning to end in one sitting can not only bring a sense of achievement to your child, but also be a proud moment for you as a parent.  This book will capture their interest and win their heart. 

It was a glorious moment when I witnessed my 7-year-old—as yet a hesitant reader when it comes to chapter books—reading through this book in one sitting and unable to hide her excitement.

A book you can build a bond with your child over

If you aren’t a Minecraft player yourself, but your child talks about it non-stop, read Diary Of A Minecraft Zombie together. You will learn a lot about the world of Minecraft right off the bat—and have abundant things to talk about and bond over—related to a game your child loves. 

The perfect book to read out loud at bedtime

Although you might not read to your schoolers at bedtime anymore, Diary Of A Minecraft Zombie is a book that offers a perfect opportunity to enjoy a story together. 

This time it’s your child’s turn to read you a story, giving you an opportunity to ask the questions for them to answer. Reversing the roles lets your child lead and show off what they know, while you get to be proud of your child, who can now read a book all on their own. 

A perfect chapter book series for beginners

Diary Of A Minecraft Zombie is written in diary form, with short chapters. The sentences are short and simple enough for young readers. Simple illustrations break the text into manageable doses, while adding to the understandability of the story. If your child has never experienced chapter books after picture books, this is the perfect book to introduce them to chapter books. 

IMG 1536
Follow a zombie boy’s day-by-day life and learn about his life as a zombie

Book title: Diary Of A Minecraft Zombie (Book1—A Scare Of A Dare)

Author: Zack Zombie

Publisher: Zack Zombie Publishing LLC

Recommended ages: 7-9 years

Length: 90 pp

Unique features: Some pages have images of Minecraft characters that sustain interest and help young readers understand the stories.

Story: Follow a zombie boy’s day-by-day life and learn about his life as a zombie compared to humans, and learn about the creatures of the Minecraft world that he encounters along the way. Anyone who knows a bit about Minecraft will enjoy the story and find plenty to relate to. Even someone new to Minecraft can enjoy reading about how hard it is to be a zombie while learning names of various creatures and characters in Minecraft. 

Illustrations: This is a black-and-white print book and most images are clear enough to see, though a few of them are less recognizable than the full-color graphics of the Minecraft game. 

Read aloud: Relatively short sentences with simple expressions are easy enough to encourage new chapter book readers. 

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